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Why Sell Your Banksy Art?

We thought that the best way to explain this to you was to ask our sellers and give you real life experiences.

So far, no one has said they are selling their Banksy because they don’t like it! Banksy collectors/owners have bought them because the artwork resonates with them or represents the time that they live in. Some bought for investment, but they still love them.

The main reasons for selling are Financial, Circumstantial or Upgrading.

If you were lucky enough to buy in the early years or for a reasonable price, then why not cash in when needs be.
Some people have needed a deposit on a house or flat, an upgrade for their home (once recent seller sold her CND Soldiers and bought a new kitchen), pay off debts, treat themselves to a once in a lifetime experience (travel and weddings have been some notable examples), or simply to move their piece on for profit.

One current seller is selling so that he can add it to his retirement fund as he is spending his time mainly out of the country and not getting to enjoy the piece at home anymore. Lucky for him that he bought it for £150, so the £14,000 extra is an added bonus to the many years of enjoyment he has got from having it in his home.

Some couples have bought a piece together and are not in that relationship anymore. They both wanted the piece so have sold it and reinvested in one each (or towards one) or bought new artwork which represents their new life. Some have found that their financial circumstances have changed and they need money more than art at this time.
Others have moved house or country and it simply does not fit anymore.

One couple realised that with their growing family that their Toxic Mary piece just didn’t work for them anymore and sold it in order to buy something they felt was more suitable and enjoyed the spare money.

Clients have bought the Banksy piece that they could access at the time or could afford, and are now selling so that they can buy the piece that they have always wanted. Some have invested their money in different art, or in artists they feel are up and coming.

Whatever your reasons for selling, don’t forget that it is easier to buy a multiple print again when times have changed for you. It is much easier than trying to buy back an original. We have several buyers who sold their Banksy when times were tough and are now collecting again as they have some expendable income. One man used the money to set up his business and now that the business is thriving he is looking to buy the same pieces again.

I still regret selling an original piece of artwork when I needed the money as I simply cannot get it back again…no matter how hard I have tried. Admittedly, I needed equity more than a giant painting at the time, but I still Google it 15 years later. At least if it had have been a multiple print, I could have had a better chance.

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