Becky Rosa

London-born and raised Becky Rosa initially found fame in 2013, when she created BRC Street Couture, a luxury street wear clothing label that uses her unique designs on its products. Rosa and her BRC Street Couture label found almost overnight success and have a devoted clientele in countries around the world. Standing at the center of the world’s parody media, BRC Street Couture’s attention-grabbing designs have gone viral on social media and include such well-known works as Habibi Dubai, Moet & Cocaine, Dopex, Loaded Paris, Hublow, Bitches Miami, Chanerries, Mr. Wasta, Birkream and more.


BRC Street Couture is a multicultural brand that seeks to build a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures not only through its provocative designs, but through its use of different languages and its sartorial comments on the mash-up of the urban and luxury lifestyles in today’s modern society.

Piggybacking on that success and looking for a way to bring her designs to life using a new medium, Rosa created her first sculpture, called Birkream in 2015. Standing almost 6 feet tall and made of resin and fiberglass, Birkream depicts a Hermes bag melting on an ice cone into a puddle at the base.

Later that same year, she combined the image of Karl Lagerfeld and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in a neon and aluminum hybrid that is now housed at Rockwell in Miami Beach, Florida.

Rosa was awarded the first place regional finalist award from Rush Arts and Sapphire in September of 2015, earning her a place at the Scope art fair at Art Basel in December of that year. It was there at the Bombay Sapphire Nationwide Artisan Series that Rosa’s Birkream series received the People’s Choice award and was a Top 3 Winner.
Due to that win, Rosa, who splits her time between Miami and New York City, was asked to create a huge public art mural installation of Birkream, which was unveiled at Gallery 212 in Linwood in June of 2016.

Rosa, who came to the United States following her graduation from high school in England, studied advertising and art at two different specialty colleges but did not complete her degree. That hasn’t impacted her success, though. Today, her sculptures, which utilize different Pantone colors, can bring in more than $18,000.

She plans on continuing to create pieces in a style that is similar to that of the Birkream through sculpture and mixed media, including street, pop, appropriation and conceptual art.